Friday, December 31, 2010

a BAR-BARIC new year!

2010 was a memorable year. From Jaz and Marcus' World Records, to International Bar-barians Training Day with our members from Russia, Australia and the UK; to all the successful Forum Challenges and training progress, this year was our most incredible yet!

Goal setting is extremely important. Share with us your goals for the 2011 in the comment section!

Anyone who is serious about making 2011 their best year yet, CLICK HERE and reserve your spot in the Bar-barian Style Group Training Class! The first 20 participants to sign up before January 31st receive the first class FREE.

Also, Look forward to all the new challenges, events and projects this 2011!

-Bar-barians EBWT

Monday, November 1, 2010

Bar-barians Forum Challenge: Nov/Dec 2K10 "Six Way Shoot Out"


The rules for the Nov/Dec Bar-barians forum challenge known as "Six Way Shoot Out" are as follows:

*You are required to do 6 different exercises to your max rep total with a pyramid style recovery time after completing each exercise.

*(exercise 1) You must first perform HSPU's up against a wall. Full lock out on the way up and your head must touch the floor on the way down.
You are then allowed 30 seconds recovery time before starting the next exercise.

*(exercise 2) You must perform parallel bar dips. Full ROM as if doing the Bar-barian Requirements.
You are then allowed 45 seconds recovery time before starting the next exercise.

*(exercise 3) You must perform pull ups. Full ROM as if doing the Bar-barian Requirements.
You are then allowed 1 minute recovery time before starting the next exercise.

*(exercise 4) You must perform press ups. Full ROM as if doing the Bar-barian Requirements.
You are then allowed 45 seconds recovery time before starting the next exercise.

*(exercise 5) You must perform chin ups. Arms must lock out on the way down and chin must clear the bar on the way up.
You are then allowed 30 seconds recovery time before starting the final exercise.

*(exercise 6) You must perform tricep dips or bench dips. Using a bench or a settee or something of a similar size you must do the exercise with straight legs and your butt must touch the ground on the downward movement and arms must lock out on the upward movement.

*You must keep strict time keeping, either by having someone there with you to time the workout or by quickly pressing the stopwatch yourself after each exercise - but it must be STRICT!

*All exercises are to be performed in a continuous motion - There can't be any pause on any rep - none what-so-ever.

*You can submit as many videos as you like ... So long as your rep count goes UP and not DOWN.

*The winner of the challenge is the person who performs the most reps by December 31st 2K10 (2 month forum challenge)

Good luck to all participating, below is a clip of forum member Michael Christian who between myself and him came up with this challenge and he will help to judge the contest:

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Beginner's Advice

Start by building a foundation. These are the basics: pull-ups, dips, push ups. Follow the 3 steps below for each exercise.

Step #1 Master these basics. When perfecting the form, always remember quality over everything else. (i.e. straight form, controlled, full ROM)

Step #2 Find out how many you can do of each exercise with proper form. This will give you a baseline to work off of and grow from.

Step #3 Set goals, both short-term and long-term (i.e. # of reps, improving form etc.) If you are unable to perform a single rep, your goal may be to perform a static hold at the top of the rep for 10 seconds.

Be relentless, determined, passionate and patient (aka Bar-baric!)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Train with Bar-barians Mark and Rick

Bar-barians Mark and Rick bring you "Bar-barian Style Group Training" every Saturday morning. The focus of this class will be to teach you how to strengthen and condition your body through bodyweight training, consisting of creative exercises, games, circuits, and progressions the Bar-barian way.

Classes are every Saturday at 11am. $15 per person.

Contact to join the group!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

July's Events

1st Annual International Bar-barians Training Day

July 3rd was the 1st Annual International Bar-barians Training Day. The day was filled with amazing people, great energy and hard training! We hit up multiple parks and made it a full day event. Special thanks to Jaz and Marcusbondi from Australia, Ironloo from Glen Clove, John Matko from Pennsylvania and everyone else that came through that day!

2nd Annual Bar-Commission Bar-B-Que

The following day, July 4th, was the 2nd Annual Bar-Commission Bar-B-Que. Another great day full of food, drinks, laughter and fun. And you simply cannot have a BAR-B-Que without the BAR! lol Yes, there was plenty of working out! Special thanx to Andy (aka Tuface) for hosting.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Reps 4 Recovery - Pledge Sheets

Bar-barians/Career Gear's Reps 4 Recovery Charity Event is around the corner. June 19, 2010! Below are the sheets to gather your pledges with. Have the people that are pledging for you fill out the sheet. Get as many pledges as possible and lets make this a special event!! The info will be collected afterward by Career Gear.


(You can use the target reps to estimate about how much you might raise just to give the people pledging an idea of how much money you may be raising.)

Bar-barians Worldwide Community

This summer the are many Bar-barian forum members, friends and family that are planning to come overseas to meet and train with us. An incredible community has developed, and we are very excited to see its continued growth. Last month Henrik and Elin came to visit us all the way from Sweden, doing journalistic work as well as training. This month, forum member Alexander, from Russia came in town to train and meet us. We are also prepared for Jaz, Jay, LBM, Daniel, LoganLion and Christian next month. Big summer!!! Below is some footage of Alexander @ TSP hanging and training with Rick and Al. Video by Al.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reps 4 Recovery - Info.

IN PERSON: To participate in the event on June 19, 2010 you will need to get at least 5 pledges.

ONLINE: If you live out of state or country and would still like to participate, you will need at least one person to pledge for you. We will post the exercise guidelines and you'll post a video of your results on Youtube.

This is how it works:
June 19, 2010

TSP (Tompkins Square Park)
10th St. and Ave. B

Contact CAREER GEAR about pledges

-Choose anywhere from 1-4 exercises to perform
-One set per exercise
-All Reps full ROM
-Straight form

Events - Pledges
1. Sit ups - 10¢ a rep
2. Squats - 25¢ a rep
3. Push ups - 25¢ a rep
4. Dips - 50¢ a rep
5. Chin ups - 50¢ a rep
6. Pull-ups - $1 a rep
7. One leg squats - $2 a rep
8. Muscle ups - $2 a rep
9. “Bang the Brick” - $4 a rep
10. One arm pull/chin ups - $10 a rep

Monday, May 10, 2010

Reps 4 Recovery - Bar-barians/Career Gear Charity Event

On June 19, 2010 Bar-barians will be teaming up with Career Gear for a one of a kind incredible event. Join us and push your max reps in your choice of ten different events including push ups, muscle ups, one leg squats, one arm pull-ups and "banging the brick" all while raising money for this incredible charity. Pledges are made by how many repetitions the participants can perform in one set for each exercise.

Career Gear is an organization who's mission is to reintroduce men into the workplace. For more info CLICK HERE

For information about the event and pledging contact Career Gear at
If you are interested in participting in the event contact the Bar-barians at

Special thanks to Bar-barians Candidate Vito Pandolfo making this event possible!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bar-barians Forum Challenge: May 2K10 "Bar-baric Pull Ups"

BAR-BARIC PULL UPS **starts May 1st - ends May 31st**

*As many pull ups as you can manage in 5 sets.

*Each set you are allowed 1 min on the bar to do your pull ups but if you come off the bar that is it for that set.

*You are only allowed 1 min to rest in between sets - You must be back on the bar ready to go before the min has passed.

*Your pull ups must be palms facing outwards, your chin must touch the bar, you must lock out (or near as damn it on each rep) and there can only be slight leg movement or none what-so-ever on pull ups (*see video below*)

*You will have to have a time keeper with you to keep your time using a stopwatch (time starts as soon as bar is grasped and ends when feet touch the floor x 5 sets)

*You can enter the challenge as many times as you want within the month (you'll probably get better as the month goes on)

*The winner will be the person who performs the most pull ups after completing all 5 sets!

*There will also be a 'Hardest trier' award for the person who appers to have put in the most effort in their pull up video!

I think Ze is going to judge all entries and decide the two winners - He will let you know. Let's make this a worldwide comp - tell everone - Marcus Bondi and his Beach crew, Highlanderz, Bar-barians, everyone on the forum - we should all be up for this one! Tomorrow, i'll post a first attempt video to get the ball rolling - (like the pace maker in a running race)

Good luck to everyone who enters. Even if you know you can't beat someone's score - still enter as you may win the 'hardest trier' award!

Any questions, please message me:

Lee Wade Turner of the UK

Bar-barians Requirements 2k10

Bar-baric Initiative

Saturday, April 3, 2010

'a reflection of feelings' from a winters workout (What does it mean to be a Bar-barian?) to Summer '09 - Rick

This video was made with love. I'm usually behind the camera, so thank u to tech, jude, zef, anthony, doc and tripod for camera work. Thanks to LBM for these extraordinary beats.

2k10, real interesting and incredible times to be living in right now. The past few months complete, incredible transformation. The most special of thanks to taimak, fio, tech, megan, rachel, gabriela, big bro, pops, my mother, my sister, my aunt for you know what.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

kNYC's Free Spring Trial Program!

Bar-barians Rick, Mark and Tech host kNYC Fitness' Free Spring Trial Program!!! Join in on the fun. Invite your family and friends. All of the info is on the site. Contact us to be put on the list! Enjoy!

Click here for website

Click here for Facebook Page

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Al Kavadlo

Al is a very engaging bodyweight trainer and athlete here in NYC. Always up for a challenge, his passionate and energetic yet zen-like approach continuously keeps him moving forward. Keep an eye out for this guy as he's got some things brewing in 2010.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Return of the Zakaveli

A clip of Z trying to get back into shape having took off a couple months. Congrats on the graduation Friday, now a free Bar-barian! We got something real special for ya'll this year! thanx 4 watching. keep watching.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Zef's Park & March 5th The Return...

Here's some pics of the park they made for Zef at school in Boston. and while we're on the subject, get ready for March 5th - The Return of the Zakaveli!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

1000 Miles Parkour/Paris

My incredible family/friend Johnny Budden (aka Sticky) is going on an incredible journey. He'll be traveling 1,000 miles, starting at the most northern part of Scotland and finishing in Paris, the birth place of Parkour. Sticky's unique journey will involve him running over a marathon a day for about a month, using Parkour to overcome any obstacle in his path. One part of the adventure seems to be a pretty long swim if I'm not mistaken! Sticky's been training physically and mentally like a BEAST for some time now and has inspired many along his way, including me.

His cause is noble. Sticky defines Parkour as the movement of movement. MND is a disease that causes you to lose your movement. He has really been able to connect with this disease and is putting his heart into this event. Donate to this cause. All proceeds go to the Motor Neuron Disease Association.



Saturday, February 20, 2010

FitnessFAQs Bodyweight Tutorials

Our Bar-barian brother Daniel, from down under, has been posting his bodyweight tutorials for about a month now. Here's a sample:

For more go to Daniel's Youtube Channel at FitnessFAQs

For more training routines, stories, contests, meet ups, videos and inspiration, with active users from all areas on the globe, go to the Bar-barians Forum

Monday, February 8, 2010

Bought a new piece of equipment

So for the past 6 months or so I basically stopped doing glute ham raises. I just was sick of trying to rig up some makeshift apparatus everytime I wanted to do them. Yesterday though I started to get a hankering to do them again. I think it was a combination of an especially lackluster couple of sets on the hamstring curl machine and watching the lightining quick cornerbacks in the superbowl. Whatever it was though caused me to act so I bought this piece of equipment:

Poor Man's Glute Har Raise

I'm not going to endorse it one way or another because I haven't tried it yet. but here's a clip of somebody using it:

His form is pretty good, my only critique would be that he is cheating himself a little bit by bending at the waist.

Friday, February 5, 2010

R.I.P. New York Strong Man Joe Rollino going strong at 104 years young

Joe Rollino once lifted 475 pounds. He used neither his arms nor his legs but, reportedly, his teeth. With just one finger he raised up 635 pounds; with his back he moved 3,200. He bit down on quarters to bend them with his thumb.

People called him the Great Joe Rollino, the Mighty Joe Rollino and even the World’s Strongest Man, and what did it matter if at least one of those people was Mr. Rollino himself.

On Monday morning, Mr. Rollino went for a walk in his Brooklyn neighborhood, a daily routine. It was part of the Great Joe Rollino’s greatest feat, a display of physical dexterity and stamina so subtle that it revealed itself only if you happened to ask him his date of birth: March 19, 1905. He was 104 years old and counting.

A few minutes before 7 a.m., as Mr. Rollino was crossing Bay Ridge Parkway at 13th Avenue, a 1999 Ford Windstar minivan struck him. The police said he suffered fractures to his pelvis, chest, ribs and face, as well as head trauma. Unconscious, he was taken to Lutheran Medical Center, where he later died. full article here

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Guinness World Records - most consecutive muscle ups (video)

Jaz got to 23 consecutively on the first try. Then did 26 afterward but it was unofficial. They gave him a another go the next day and he performed 25. Very good pace and form by Jaz!

Here's the official video: CLICK HERE

and article: CLICK HERE

Monday, January 4, 2010

Top 10 Strongest Moves of 2009 (DOC's top picks part 2)

There were so many memorable moments of 2009. We figured one Top 10 list just wasn't enough. This is the final installment of the 09' tribute - The Top 10 Strongest Moves

No offense intended for anyone not mentioned on this list. This list does not reflect everyone's opinion.

That being said