Wednesday, August 18, 2010

July's Events

1st Annual International Bar-barians Training Day

July 3rd was the 1st Annual International Bar-barians Training Day. The day was filled with amazing people, great energy and hard training! We hit up multiple parks and made it a full day event. Special thanks to Jaz and Marcusbondi from Australia, Ironloo from Glen Clove, John Matko from Pennsylvania and everyone else that came through that day!

2nd Annual Bar-Commission Bar-B-Que

The following day, July 4th, was the 2nd Annual Bar-Commission Bar-B-Que. Another great day full of food, drinks, laughter and fun. And you simply cannot have a BAR-B-Que without the BAR! lol Yes, there was plenty of working out! Special thanx to Andy (aka Tuface) for hosting.