Saturday, February 27, 2010

Zef's Park & March 5th The Return...

Here's some pics of the park they made for Zef at school in Boston. and while we're on the subject, get ready for March 5th - The Return of the Zakaveli!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

1000 Miles Parkour/Paris

My incredible family/friend Johnny Budden (aka Sticky) is going on an incredible journey. He'll be traveling 1,000 miles, starting at the most northern part of Scotland and finishing in Paris, the birth place of Parkour. Sticky's unique journey will involve him running over a marathon a day for about a month, using Parkour to overcome any obstacle in his path. One part of the adventure seems to be a pretty long swim if I'm not mistaken! Sticky's been training physically and mentally like a BEAST for some time now and has inspired many along his way, including me.

His cause is noble. Sticky defines Parkour as the movement of movement. MND is a disease that causes you to lose your movement. He has really been able to connect with this disease and is putting his heart into this event. Donate to this cause. All proceeds go to the Motor Neuron Disease Association.



Saturday, February 20, 2010

FitnessFAQs Bodyweight Tutorials

Our Bar-barian brother Daniel, from down under, has been posting his bodyweight tutorials for about a month now. Here's a sample:

For more go to Daniel's Youtube Channel at FitnessFAQs

For more training routines, stories, contests, meet ups, videos and inspiration, with active users from all areas on the globe, go to the Bar-barians Forum

Monday, February 8, 2010

Bought a new piece of equipment

So for the past 6 months or so I basically stopped doing glute ham raises. I just was sick of trying to rig up some makeshift apparatus everytime I wanted to do them. Yesterday though I started to get a hankering to do them again. I think it was a combination of an especially lackluster couple of sets on the hamstring curl machine and watching the lightining quick cornerbacks in the superbowl. Whatever it was though caused me to act so I bought this piece of equipment:

Poor Man's Glute Har Raise

I'm not going to endorse it one way or another because I haven't tried it yet. but here's a clip of somebody using it:

His form is pretty good, my only critique would be that he is cheating himself a little bit by bending at the waist.

Friday, February 5, 2010

R.I.P. New York Strong Man Joe Rollino going strong at 104 years young

Joe Rollino once lifted 475 pounds. He used neither his arms nor his legs but, reportedly, his teeth. With just one finger he raised up 635 pounds; with his back he moved 3,200. He bit down on quarters to bend them with his thumb.

People called him the Great Joe Rollino, the Mighty Joe Rollino and even the World’s Strongest Man, and what did it matter if at least one of those people was Mr. Rollino himself.

On Monday morning, Mr. Rollino went for a walk in his Brooklyn neighborhood, a daily routine. It was part of the Great Joe Rollino’s greatest feat, a display of physical dexterity and stamina so subtle that it revealed itself only if you happened to ask him his date of birth: March 19, 1905. He was 104 years old and counting.

A few minutes before 7 a.m., as Mr. Rollino was crossing Bay Ridge Parkway at 13th Avenue, a 1999 Ford Windstar minivan struck him. The police said he suffered fractures to his pelvis, chest, ribs and face, as well as head trauma. Unconscious, he was taken to Lutheran Medical Center, where he later died. full article here