Friday, August 28, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rejoining a Gym

So i stopped working out at commercial gyms (except for free passes ;) ) in spring 2007. Since then I've been using scaffolds, pull-up bars, and my minimally equipped home gym. Now I'm probably going to rejoin a gym. I benefitted a lot from limited access to machines, it forced me to be creative. Now though there are a lot of reasons for me to go back to the gym. Here are a few of them:

-assisted pull-up machine: I really like using these for one-arm pulling / chinning practice

-wife is too prissy for outdoor workouts, hopefully she will be able to stick with a routine better with a gym membership (I'll let you know how this works out LOL)

-dumbell pressing: I have adjustible dumbells at home but they are cumbersome, and don't get very heavy. I like to do Arnold Presses, and various dumbell cross pulls. Obviously I'm too weak to do Inverted cross pulls on the rings, but I'm trying to work that motion with dumbells. I'll do the same for maltese to planche pulls.

-Heavier single leg deadlifts: most of the time I use my home barbell for these (which goes up to about 145) and I make them harder by increasing the torque and doing them straight leg style. Now I will also progress torwards heavier weights in a more conventional ROM. I'm still going to avoid very heavy deadlifting on two legs because I feel that it puts one at too much risk of back injury.

-Unfortunately this chain of gyms does NOT have a good place to do glute ham raises. One of my favorite exercises. Maybe I will be able to rig something up.

In the comments let me know how you guys take advantage of all of the equipment at your gyms. I'm always looking for new ideas.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Strictly Bar Talk

Phorm's Youtube Channel where you'll be hearing from many top players in the bar-movement. Plenty of interviews coming.


D300 speaking on the BIGUN competition

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Muscle Up Advice

We've received many emails that go something like this, "I think I'm strong enough to do muscle ups but I'm missing the technique!" Muscle ups can be achieved through momentum but immediately work towards cleaning up the form! The best thing for this type of strong individual, is full on explosive pull-ups. Forget about the chin. If you can pull yourself up to your chest or better yet the stomach, then technique/transition will not be an issue and you will make easy work out of muscle ups.

If you can already do muscle ups and are trying to correct your form, Hold a brick between your feet. The extra weight will keep your legs down and if you kick too much you'll drop the brick.

Just keep on pullin...

Despereately seeking

a video clip of a top quality one legged squat. What I mean by that is a pistol executed without momentum, forward lean, counterweight or back rounding to full depth. If you have such a link please post it in the comments. Also barefoot is preferred as heel elevation makes the movement significantly less challenging.

I would like to post the vids here so we can start establishing a standard for lower body bodyweight strength excellence.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Slow Muscle-ups -> Close to impossible

Here is a photo of legendary bodyweight strength specialist Jasper Benincasa performing what is called the Close To Impossible (CTI for short):

Supposedly this photo was not taken midswing or with Jasper standing on a block, it is a STATIC hold! Now let's put aside for a second whether or not this is true, instead lets take it as a goal (even if it is possibly unattainable). We can try to progress from a slow muscle-up on the bar torwards the CTI first by performing a slow bar muscle-up with a wider and wider grip until we are doing it with the arms almost straight and then once this becomes easy if ever we can start doing it with the arms straight and a narrower grip. Or we can try to progress from a victorian on the bar torwards this goal by gradually lowering the body whilst maintaining distance from the bar.

These progressions are too advanced to be attempted by most anyone I know anytime soon but they illustrate in a general sense another way that torque can be used to make any bodyweight exercise almost impossiblly difficult. For more on torque and bodyweight sttrength check these past posts: Generally, with regard to pistols

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Livewire and friends in NYC

These guys are nuts, it was very scary and exciting to watch them do their thing in TSP:

after the jump see more from their trip and some of the Barbairians with a dedication to P

Unreal Power

see if you can figure out the "secret" to Yuri's strength here.

True Ninja Warrior

watch UnlimitedClifferno4 demolish the Sasuke replica course:

This guy is very strong:

if you watch his other videos you will see that he also does some specific training for the obstacle course especially the cliffhanger and salmon ladder.

The Technician '09 - "The Manual" - Official Trailer

Bar-barians on Fitness Black Book

Fitness Black Book is a site that knows the real deal on fitness. They really did their research on us and wrote up an awesome article! Thank you for taking your time to do this. We very much appreciate it. This inspires us to work harder and harder and take it to the next level! Article below:


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Competition Updates

Zakaveli showed up on Zef-time late.

Tech and Hit tied for first place.

B-Rock threw down hard and should be up there as well!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summer Tournaments

B-Xtreme comp was held over the weekend on Sun. The Technician took home first place for the Bar-Commission.

Next week is the BigUn tournament. Rumors been spreading that Zakaveli might enter and that all hell could break loose on the bar!!

We'll keep you posted!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Beast and Zef - Weighted Muscle Ups

Don't let people, circumstances or incidents in your life weigh you down. Push Through, Rise Above and Lift the Weight Up Off of You!

Special Thanks to:

-Beast for coming through
-Zakaveli for the video concept
-Metin Dabak for making the beats
-Rick Seedman for filming, directing and editing
-and DOC for helping film

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Advanced Ring Elements

Thanks to Coach Sommer at for this one. Some incredible strength elements here.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

now this is a true push-up at 7 seconds in. Anything less is girlie style....more posts to come from mad money.

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