Saturday, August 22, 2009

Despereately seeking

a video clip of a top quality one legged squat. What I mean by that is a pistol executed without momentum, forward lean, counterweight or back rounding to full depth. If you have such a link please post it in the comments. Also barefoot is preferred as heel elevation makes the movement significantly less challenging.

I would like to post the vids here so we can start establishing a standard for lower body bodyweight strength excellence.


  1. My attempt:

    I was surprised how much harder it felt barefoot.

  2. this was a great rep.

    I would say only a few tweaks could be made to make it even more perfect:

    1) don't let knee drift so far forward

    2) more controlled descent and ascent to demonstrate lack of momentum.

    One thing that really impressed me though was how upright and straight your back was and that your hands are back and not way in front of your body for counterbalance.

    Everyone else please contribute your attempts.

    let's see if we can start building a library of examples with great form.

    Everyone knows what a great pull-up looks like but I think people need some guidance as to how to properly perform pistols.


  4. thanks for contributing. Steve does a lot of Reps, it's a good set! However, he's using momentum and doesn't quite have full rom.

  5. This is my favorite pistol squat video:

    Funny. For me, barefoot is easier because shoes mess up my sense of balance.