Monday, February 8, 2010

Bought a new piece of equipment

So for the past 6 months or so I basically stopped doing glute ham raises. I just was sick of trying to rig up some makeshift apparatus everytime I wanted to do them. Yesterday though I started to get a hankering to do them again. I think it was a combination of an especially lackluster couple of sets on the hamstring curl machine and watching the lightining quick cornerbacks in the superbowl. Whatever it was though caused me to act so I bought this piece of equipment:

Poor Man's Glute Har Raise

I'm not going to endorse it one way or another because I haven't tried it yet. but here's a clip of somebody using it:

His form is pretty good, my only critique would be that he is cheating himself a little bit by bending at the waist.


  1. it should be getting delivered today!

  2. The FAMOUS AND EFFECTIVE Nordic curls: one of the best way to prevent hamstrings injuries!

  3. that's the first time I ever heard them called Nordic Curls. The machine is great. Best reps I have ever had. They are challenging in the right way, meaning it is hard on the muscles but it is not hard to set up and there is no pressure on the knee caps. Well I did have to put a small pad by my ankles to keep the weight off the knee caps but it was a very easy fix.