Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bar-barians Forum Challenge: May 2K10 "Bar-baric Pull Ups"

BAR-BARIC PULL UPS **starts May 1st - ends May 31st**

*As many pull ups as you can manage in 5 sets.

*Each set you are allowed 1 min on the bar to do your pull ups but if you come off the bar that is it for that set.

*You are only allowed 1 min to rest in between sets - You must be back on the bar ready to go before the min has passed.

*Your pull ups must be palms facing outwards, your chin must touch the bar, you must lock out (or near as damn it on each rep) and there can only be slight leg movement or none what-so-ever on pull ups (*see video below*)

*You will have to have a time keeper with you to keep your time using a stopwatch (time starts as soon as bar is grasped and ends when feet touch the floor x 5 sets)

*You can enter the challenge as many times as you want within the month (you'll probably get better as the month goes on)

*The winner will be the person who performs the most pull ups after completing all 5 sets!

*There will also be a 'Hardest trier' award for the person who appers to have put in the most effort in their pull up video!

I think Ze is going to judge all entries and decide the two winners - He will let you know. Let's make this a worldwide comp - tell everone - Marcus Bondi and his Beach crew, Highlanderz, Bar-barians, everyone on the forum - we should all be up for this one! Tomorrow, i'll post a first attempt video to get the ball rolling - (like the pace maker in a running race)

Good luck to everyone who enters. Even if you know you can't beat someone's score - still enter as you may win the 'hardest trier' award!

Any questions, please message me: http://bar-barians.forumotions.com/profile.forum?mode=viewprofile&u=321

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