Saturday, October 16, 2010

Beginner's Advice

Start by building a foundation. These are the basics: pull-ups, dips, push ups. Follow the 3 steps below for each exercise.

Step #1 Master these basics. When perfecting the form, always remember quality over everything else. (i.e. straight form, controlled, full ROM)

Step #2 Find out how many you can do of each exercise with proper form. This will give you a baseline to work off of and grow from.

Step #3 Set goals, both short-term and long-term (i.e. # of reps, improving form etc.) If you are unable to perform a single rep, your goal may be to perform a static hold at the top of the rep for 10 seconds.

Be relentless, determined, passionate and patient (aka Bar-baric!)


  1. Thanks, I found ladders were good too; you find your good form full ROM max, then do a set of ladders for that many, like if you can do 4 good chins; do 1 then rest while a buddy does 1, do 2 [buddy does same] 3 [same] 4 and you just put 10 down the hole. That way my form held out better than trying to do sets of many set of 4 or whathaveyou, getting crappier and crappier form with each rep and the hands just trying to hold on. It doesn't work forever, but by then you'll have a lot to work from. it's great if your max is low. And you have at least one friend - or can count.