Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Bar-barians requirements Video

Thanks to Neal Holmes for submitting his go at the requirements. The background track is Fire! Who is that?


  1. Yo man thanks for putting my video on the blog. Ive has some good comments back and feel as tho i need to do it again with a few changes. First my form needs to be cleaner,reps better range of motion and also on some solid bars etc. Ill be finding a place to try this on oh and not forgetting the all important muscle ups at the end.

    Peace Neal.

  2. Okay sorry for all the posts, ive made another video cause i really wasnt happy with the first one. i tried to keep my legs out off all the reps and just use my upper body. here is the link

    oh and i had to use one off youtubes tracks lol

    peace neal.