Thursday, January 8, 2009

Parkour, Urban Freeflow

Me and Rick had a chance to meet up with the guys from Urban Freeflow while they were visiting NYC from the UK. I think Rick got some great footage. As a preview here is livewire showing his amazing strength and acrobatic ability. Look out for the wide arm hand stand (like an inverted iron cross not on the rings).

Urban Freeflow Website

EDIT: thanks to our anonymous commentator for correcting my terminology


  1. An inverted Iron Cross is simply called that, an Inverted Iron Cross. A Swallow is also known as a Maltese. So, an Inverted Swallow would also be known as a Victorian. Also, an "inverted iron cross" on the ground is not called that it is only called a wide arm handstand. An Inverted Cross is a C ranks move on rings where a Wide Arm Handstand is a B on floor. Also a Swallow is ranked D and an Inverted Swallow ranked E or Super E. At least in the old code of points. It may be an F now in the new COP.

  2. thanks, I always appreciate corrections!