Thursday, January 22, 2009

High Protein Diets

So how many of you guys follow typical bodybuilding nutrition? You know 5-8 meals a day 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight?

I used to and I had less muscle and quite a bit more fat. Since I switched to more moderate caloric consumption, basically following the USDA RDA (recommneded daily allowance) for calories and nutrients consumed I have dropped a lot of fat and continued to gain muscle slowly. It's also a hell of a lot easier to manage my eating. Having to eat a "clean" high protein meal every two hours is a real hassle. Am I an outlier or have you guys had similar experiences. I know Rick is basically a vegitarian and it hasn't hurt his progress at all.

Here's a second question, how do you diet, do you eat differently or just less?

When I do I just cut calories but otherwise stick to an instinctive mix of foods. For me one thing that makes sticking to a restricted calorie diet is eating a lot of fiber (I love the various Fiber One products, try the Yogurt!), keeps me full longer and ensures that I get my daily quiet reading time :)


  1. Good post Eric.

    I was a vegetarian for about 16 years. I'm more of a meatetarian now. A strict all you can eat meat diet with meat shakes.

  2. I eat Paleo, and I do intermittent fasting. I usually eat 2 meals a day unless I want to gain some weight. Since I eat Paleo, I cut out all the grains, etc. For my carbs, I used to only eat veggies and fruit for a while, but now post-workout I eat more carb dense foods to replenish glycogen, like sweet potatoes and bananas.

    And to answer your question. I don't really "diet" much anymore. I used to actively try to cut down, but I can't recover from workouts on a calorie deficit.

    I just ordered some leucine, glutamine, and whey protein. I'm interested in seeing how leucine and glutamine will affect my recovery. I usually am against whey protein, but it's getting difficult to gulf down all the protein I need in 2 meals.

    I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on my diet.

  3. We are living in the space age, there's no need for you to make due with paleolithic era sustenance. If you eat more fruits and grains you will have more energy, and need to eat less to feel full.

    Some of my favorite carb sources are Dominoes pizza, here's my usual order (lasts approx 5 days):

    Order Summary
    1 Small(10") Hand Tossed Pizza, Whole: Italian Sausage, Green Peppers, Mushrooms, Extra Diced Tomatoes, Extra Cheese, Light Sauce, Ham, Extra Banana Peppers, Extra Onions, Extra Premium Chicken $5.55
    1 Small(10") Hand Tossed Pizza, Whole: Green Peppers, Black Olives, Beef, Diced Tomatoes, Cheese, Light Sauce, Ham, Extra Banana Peppers, Onions, Extra Shredded Provolone Cheese, Premium Chicken $5.55
    1 Small(10") Crispy Melt Pizza, Whole: Italian Sausage, Beef, Extra Cheddar Cheese, Light Sauce, Ham, Extra Banana Peppers, Onions, Extra Shredded Provolone Cheese, Extra Premium Chicken $5.55

    Coupon: Three full size 10-inch Pizzas with Unlimited Toppings for $5.55 each

    Subtotal: $16.65
    Tax: $1.39
    Delivery: $0.00
    Total: $18.04

    I also like fiber one honey and oat flakes, fiber one yougurt, frozen blueberries, mangoes, and raspberries.

    For protein midday I usually go with a double quarter pounder with extra onions and pickles and add one packet of hot picante sauce.

  4. Mad Monmey do you also believe that it is not necessary that you HAVE to eat clean to get that ripped body? I don't actually. Over the years I have learn thru otehr people's experience and mine. Which I had applied early in my training and sports career.

  5. clean is definitely not a must, just make sure your diet has all of the basic nutrients and you should be good even if a lot of it comes from so-called "junk food"