Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Hey guys, so have you resolved to learn new moves on the bar this year?

Here are some of my resolutions for 09, learn:

-OAP's / OAC's from a dead hang with no momentum

-perfect straddle planche

-no momentum front and back lever pulls

-iron cross


-any straight arm press to handstand

-increase static leg raise height

-one-leg glute ham raise (with non-working leg completely off the pad)

-one-leg one-arm ab-wheel

-one-leg one-arm pushup

I realize that this list is long but I like to have goals for all major movements so I can maintain balance. If I don't meet any of these goals but get closer to all of them I will still be very happy. For me most of the fun is in actually training, and progressing rather than the finish-line.

Oh and btw if I use any jargon that is unfamiliar to you guys, please ask me about it in the comments. I'm happy to clarify these esoteric terms, as I know that there are readers with differing levels of experience and different backgrounds (weightlifters, gymnasts, b-boys, bar masters, and calisthenic kings.)


  1. Sounds perfect Eric! Lets make em happen. Tomorrow! at the gym. See you then

  2. one arm lever 09'

  3. That is an awesome goal, I saw an interesting training method for that skill. Use a weight in the non-working hand, held above the head for counter-balance: