Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Here's a open question for you guys:

If we do a calisthenics tournament how do you think it should be judged and what categories would you like to see?

Leave your opinions in the comments


  1. Follow the U.S. Marine standards for pull ups. Or fasten some touch pad above the bar that your chin must touch for a rep to be counted. You need grip parameters, and definitely lock elbows out at the bottom. You could also do a 1 sec. pause at the bottom, and a 1 sec. pause at the top (chin touching pad, bar, whatever).

  2. good suggestions. I definitely think the form needs to be strict, maybe chin over the bar is not enough, I like to see people pull to the nipple (no homo!).

    How about standards for judging freestyle?

  3. Problem with just chin over the bar is you get people who will kip and swing, use different grips. Then, if you allow that, where is the line drawn? Could someone just do partial reps with a supinated grip, moving their Jay Leno chin 4 inches each rep?

    I had an idea for pushups. The Perfect pushup has a counter. You could make that the standard.

    As for freestyle, look at gymnastics, they have problems despite strict judging and regulation. Good luck finding your own judging utopia.

  4. I think counting reps becomes a lot easier with a pause so I like that idea, also it makes swinging harder.

    I know judging freestyle is a real can of worms, very subjective, and judging criteria will force people to follow some possibly undesirable paths.

    I think it is important to have freestyle categories though as creativity is at the heart of this movement.

  5. I always count atleast bottom of your neck, chest touching the bar is a must as well as full lock outs.