Wednesday, December 24, 2008


So it's winter in NYC, for the most part the parks are empty, bars frozen. Scant few are willing to brave the elements to get in their reps. There are a few exceptions:

The Highlanders won't quit!

Rick has been working out at TSP (Thompkins Square Park) and Wingate (Wingate Park in Brooklyn) with the rest of the team getting footage for the upcoming DVD. I know he's got in sessions with Zef, Andy, and Jay. He's putting together a trailer now, so look out for that.

For the most part I have been avoiding out-door workouts since the beginning of November. The secret to staying warm is taking short breaks between sets. Unlike most of the team though I prefer to take longer rests to let my heart beat return to its resting rate before starting my next set. This way I can focus on developing maximal strength. Once I start to stagnate with that approach I will switch things up, do higher reps, with shorter rests to bring up my strength endurance. A wise man once said "Every program works, but no program works forever."

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