Saturday, December 27, 2008

Evil Wheel / Ab Wheel

This is a very useful tool, and it's cheap. A great addition to any home gym. Most of the store-bought models are designed for two handed use. Below Ross shows how to work up to one-arm variations:

He also explains on his site how to build one of these wheels

I'm going to give it a try. For now I've been using the two arm version and doing one arm jack lalane push-ups but less bouncy than jack as I generally try to avoid momentum for the sake of my joints. I think to keep moving forward though I'm going to have to get the one arm-wheel maybe then I can work up to this variation that I read about on dragoondoor:

"You can do a two-legged, one-arm evil wheel or the more difficult one-legged, one-arm version of this drill. With the one-arm, one-legged drill, hold the wheel in the hand opposite of the leg that is on the floor. Work up to these exercises in much the same way as you worked up to the standing two-armed version. If the one-arm, one-leg version becomes too easy, you can grab a light dumbbell in your free hand to make it more challenging."


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