Monday, December 29, 2008

Alternative to Ab Wheel

So I went to Home Depot yesterday to buy lawn mower tires to create my own one-arm ab-wheel. Well what do you know Home Depot in Manhattan does not sell lawn mower tires. Guess I should have seen that one coming. I would not be stopped though so I made due with what I had. Namely the rings:

you can buy a pair for $59 at gymnastic bodies . To do something like ab wheel roll-outs just hang them very low, just a few inches above the ground. I tried the one arm variation and it is pretty tough, especially on the bicep and it requires a lot of lat and trap tension to maintain position.

To hit the legs more after that I used my two arm ab wheel and did some single leg roll-outs, which are just like the normal roll-out except you keep one foot off the ground. This really hits the quads.

I was pretty pleased with both of these exercises. Unfortunately, I practiced one-arm handstands afterwords and lost my balance and almost broke my toe on the couch (at least I hope it's not broken). After crying and sulking a bit, I decided that I didn't want to admit defeat, so I finished off the workout with wide grip back levers and reverse wrist curls (which are a good prehab movement). I do the back levers with a wide underhand grip and try to pull towards the bar once I reach horizontal, with the hopes that one day I will be able to pull from back lever to maltese on the rings.

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