Monday, July 6, 2009

First Annual Bar-Commission Bar-B-Q weekend

was a success! So many people came out and we thank each and everyone of you for making this weekend so special!

It was a beautiful event. Zef, Jude, Rick and Sheriff arrived at 430am Saturday morning, on no sleep, to hold down the tables and didn't leave until 10pm. The next day we hit up TSP. Zef got the FULL PLANCHE HOLD! and then went over to Wingate to finish off the day. Long weekend full of no sleep, plenty of food, tons-o-fun and a whole lot of working out.

This vid is a thank you to all who were there, in person and in spirit.

Special thanks to Andy, Zef, Ana, Jude, Rick, Sheriff, Keith, Anthony, Jeffery, Rob, The Tech family, The Phorm family, The Lois family, The Grevenitis family, Redd, Allison, B-Rock, DOC and many more...

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