Tuesday, July 21, 2009

For P

The newspapers didn't pay their respects to him correctly: Daily News

After reading what they wrote, I felt sick. It's unnecessary! Was the person that wrote that trying to justify why he was killed?! P started to work out with us last year, better himself and leave his past behind. He was only a year older than me. Everyone has their issues and problems but he did not deserve this. He is a human being first and foremost. P was nothing but nice to me. I stayed up till 5am, missed college and work to make this for him. I never really cry but I shed tears making this for him. This is how we will pay respects to him:

I'm sorry to be writing bad news.


  1. rest in peace P, beutifull vid rick. my respect to all of you , god will take care of all of this

  2. have they found out any thing about what happened?

    R.I.P. P