Friday, June 26, 2009

Bar-barians '09 - Jude

This is the long overdue video of Bar-barians co-founder, Jude. He is an incredible individual and a huge part of our bar-family.

Approved by the Bar-Commission


  1. Kudos!!!
    The artist is the one who pushes humanity forward...any way or another...
    You all are artists, bar-barians!

  2. Really inspiring stuff, Jude! Great planche and lever work, handstand pushups and one arm chins! You're definitely one of the bar-elite. I'm working hard to someday achieve what you've done here.

  3. Just truly awesome ive watched this and Zakaveli new vid constantly truly motivational stuff man

  4. Yeah, this is wild! I've also watched this clip over and over again. Just can't stop! Like antokindness said; you all are artist! You truly are...

    Logan Lion - Barbangerz