Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer is comin

Sunday we were Bar-b-queing on the Bar! lol

Bar-barians hosted a session at TSP. Youtube regulars like D300, Bandana Redd, Little Redd, G.I. Joe, DOC, B-Rock, Cruz, Zef, Jude, and Rick came out to train and hang out.

Who needs weights when you've got D300 on top of you! lol. He put us threw some torture! The Highlandaz threw down some nice 20 min long sets! Wingate's finest showed us how its done Wingate style. The big story though was my man Guills. After seeing the Youtube vids, he just had to join in! Guills made a journey all the way from France to New York city, specifically to train with the bar crews here. He is a b-b-boy and a very strong and fit one to say the least. Can't say enough good things about this guy. Stay tuned for more on this!


  1. next time its me all the way from holland gettin $ with all of you (dreams) and begin my journy with bar-barians joinin team.. (dream)

  2. Hey Rick,

    Any chance we're gonna catch some footage of this event? Sounds like the best of the best were out there gettin' it in.

  3. Redd, DOC and I got footage that day, so the answer is most likely yes!

  4. Awesome! Can't wait to see all that bar family holdin' it down.

  5. Yea cant wait to see tht too..man ;-)