Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We have been receiving many email about how to get started.

It always starts with the basics. Straight reps- pull/chin ups, dips etc. If you're just starting, practice every second day as the rest day really seems to help. Once you feel well conditioned, get creative, start freestyling and then you will be able to just go off of what your body tells you.


  1. thats what i'm tellin my team to do , i started a team of like 10 + humans lol .. everyday i show them a new vid of zefs old vids and ofcourse the bar-barians clips.

  2. Just kind of curious, but when you started, how long did your workouts last? Is it better to have more intense workouts every other day instead of doing less intense workouts each day? Right now I am working out every day 5 days a week but my workouts are not that intense (you can see my routine on my blog -would love some advice).

    Lastly, just gotta give some love. You guys are my inspiration, keep doing what you do.

  3. I've been training with Bar-barians since mid Nov. 2007 and started out doing bodyweight every other day, but practitioners like Zef have been doing this for longer and can do it everyday without a problem.

    I train everyday but different disciplines (running, climbing, biking, parkour etc.) Now I'm starting to feel comfortable with hitting the bodyweight hard daily.

    Your routine look ok. The more sets the better. Work it hard bro. Just remember progression not perfection.

  4. so should one aim for doing more reps to failure more sets, or do heavy with vests, backpacks 5 reps 5 sets?


  5. I am a beginner, can do some pullups, push ups but should i do bodyweight strength training or try doing more sets more reps rather than going low sets low reps.

  6. This is guills on the pic??!! guils A.k.a the patach (it's my man in france i'm julio) Call him patach and see his reaction ;)