Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bar-barians Circuit

People have been requesting a routine to follow, so here you go.

Its a circuit. 3 rounds. Each round should be completed in 8 minutes. The exercises can be changed in order to make it easier or harder as long as there is NO rest between exercises.

-Push ups 30 secs
-Pull-ups- max reps
-Hindu push ups- 30 secs
-Chin ups- max reps
-Squats- 30 secs
-Dips- max reps
-Hanging leg raise- 30 secs

This circuit works most of the major muscles. Always do exercises with your best form. Full ROM. It becomes cardio as well as strength and endurance.


  1. Michael8christian Thanks a lot. This training is hard.I am tried today I was killed :-D

  2. Its cardio and endurance not cardio and strength for most people.

  3. Good looking. thanks for the correction.