Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years from the Bar-barians!

We'd like to hear some of your goals and dreams for the coming year! 2010!! Post in the comments. One arms, new personal records, eat better or even just workout more often. What shall we look out for from you in 2010?!


  1. muscle ups!!! its been way too long not being able to do them so 2010 is the year of the muscle up for me! that's it!

  2. long as you practice pulling yourself higher and higher. If you're able to pull yourself waist high than form/techniques not a problem. You'll get em easy.

    So forget about the chin. Start practicing pull-ups to the chest. then the waist.

  3. Tons of stuff in the works.

    1) Continue progress towards free headstand pushups. Progress is a little slow, but it is happening.

    2) Hopefully, some kind of good tuck planche by summer. That is the minimal. I'll kiss the ground if I get straddle planche.

    3) Maybe a one arm chin. I've got an interesting strategy, and so far it seems to be making some strength gains.

    4) A straddle split by summer, or sooner. I'm getting too old, and every five years, I'm like, I wish I could do that. Time to move forward and get it done. I haven't lost much flexibility since my last burst of stretching, so I'm in good position to move on.

    All in all, take the road less traveled and shoot for the stars. Right now, I'm having fun, and learning new things. To be honest, I like the bar and gymnastic communities. It keeps the feeling alive. However,I don't concern myself with what other people are doing to the point of using them as the measuring stick. It is about doing things that bring me happiness, challenge the norm (and the things people say aren't possible), and do the things I know would make the kid I was years ago proud. Hopefully, I'll achieve something worth a video.

  4. cool goals and good attitude. Getting compettitive with others as opposed to focusing on personal bests is a recipe for injury. It's too easy to overlook signals from your body when your trying to keep up with the Jonses.

  5. Anonymous #1

    I see a lot of people are putting a lot of pressure on themselves to get things while the bar explosion is hot. Maybe they fear being forgotten. Truth is many great people have been forgotten, and more were never known. I consider myself a follower of the gymnastic scene to a degree. If someone asked who won the all-around in Barcelona, I don't know. Who was the first person credited with a one arm chin, or a muscle up? Who knows. That's just the way it is.

  6. Very good to hear from you guys!

    I gave myself two things that I've learn from my teachers and friends, Jesse, Taimak, Zakaveli etc.

    #1 "Make Moves, not excuses." later changed by Z to "Make New Moves, not excuses."

    #2 "Live today. Tomorrow isn't a reality. Life unfolds moment to moment."

    I embrace everything. I will not hold myself back anymore. It is deep. I catch myself all the time. I learn new things every moment.

  7. i ll do the
    1. bar-barians challenge,
    2. full planche,
    3. Dragon flag (sit up)
    4 Human flag :)

    c Ya