Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Many people ask what type of gloves we use for our workouts. It's a Craftsman glove that can be found at Home Depot or most hardware stores. We've found that serves us best.Eventually we will design a Bar-barians glove exclusively for Bar-work.


  1. I went out and got these gloves. They are definitely perfect for bar work. FYI, Craftsman brand can only be bought through Sears (it took me a while to find them).

  2. hey guys, quick one. .

    what kind of material is on the padded area (Black patches)on the palm side made of for these gloves ?

  3. I use batting gloves with a thin smooth leather grip (no extra padding). I got two pair for around $14. They only last about 6 months each since they are not build as sturdy as the work gloves.

  4. Do these gloves provide a strong grip or just reduce the friction?

    I find that thing I'm lacking for the human flag is a strong grip because I can do the flag for 5 seconds on steel wire at the Brooklyn Bridge since it's really thin and I can put my whole hand, fingers touching my thumb, around it.


    a stop sign where most people flag, I can only put my fingers on it and my thumb is farther apart; the bar is thicker.